How To Check Domain Availability Using Domain Name Checker

how to check domain availability

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So you are planing to build a website???

Whenever you want to build a new website then the most important part of building a website is it’s Domain Name and Web hosting. Selecting domain name for your website is not so difficult but sometimes people get confused because they were going to start their online business and they don’t know that how to check domain availability. You should always remember that before registering a domain name, you must have to check domain name availability first.

For checking domain availability, There are many domain name suggestion tools are available in the market but In this article, I am recommending a list of best domain name suggestion tool which will help you to find domain name based on your keyword. :)

Best Domain Name Checker Tool

First of all, you should thanks to Google because Google helped me to find these best domain checker tools.

1. DomainsBot

how to check domain availability is a great domain name availability checker tool by which you can check your domain names availability easily. You can see in the above image that I used my name ” Chetan Gupta ” to find the domain names available related to my name and It gave status of all the TLD domains availability. You can see in the image that .co, .net , .me etc are available to register but .com is already registered by someone. You can also check the Whois report which will tell about who purchased the .com domain. You can also check for other TLD extensions by checking the box. see in the left side of image.

Suppose I wants to purchase .net domain of my name then it will also give me the suggestion for best domain name registrars by clicking on buy button. :)

how to check domain availability


how to check domain availability

Nametumbler is the another simple domain suggestion tool which will help you in checking domain availability and it will also give you some other domain suggestions by adding some keywords in your keyword along with suggestions of domain registrars. :)

3. Instant Domain Search

how to check domain availability

Instant Domain Search is an easy and good looking domain name checker tool. It is very easy to use, you just have to place your keyword in the upper box then you will automatically get the suggestions of all the TLD extensions. You can see in the above pic that .com is taken and .net, .org etc are available to purchase. It will also give you the domain registrars suggestions. First choose your domain name.

Tips To Choose Domain Name

1. You should always choose those keywords for your domain name which are related to your niche. If those domains are not available then you can also choose unique domain name which does not explain about your niche like, nobody tells about the niche of this website before visiting here because it’s a unique domain name. Nobody thinks that this blog is based on blogging. Right? :)

2. Always choose short domain name of 1-2 keywords. Long domain name looks awkward. But short looks great. ;)

3. Choose memorable domain name without giving any ( _, – ) symbol.

I think you got all the points about how to check domain availability and how to find domain name. Hope this article will help you , do let us know if you have any question through commenting below. Happy Blogging ;)


  1. says

    Hi… Chetan
    Just a Day Ago i was Trying to Start my New blog. Because My Old domain Name which is “Trick4Pc” but some my friends told me that Your domain is Not good. Because here a Number in your domain.

    So, No.. Probl. Hope i will Enjoy on my Present domain and in future i will Purchase then will try these tools.

    Very Helpful..! Thanks to Share :)

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