How To Find Guest Blogging Sites – Quick Tips

how to find guest blogging sites

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Guest blogging is the best and effective way for creating a great personality of your blog by which your blog will get many benefits like blog traffic , online identity as a most lovable blog and you will be the good blog writer among your fellow bloggers on the blogosphere.

But the problem is, sometimes many rising bloggers are failed in finding guest posting sites. Therefore In this article , I will explain you that how to find blogs for guest posting so that you can easily submit your blog post to that blog. ;)

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Guest Posting Benefits

In this guest blogging benefits, I am gonna share some major benefits which you may get from guest posting on other blogs.

1. Firstly you will get your online identity and guest posting on those blogs having good amount traffic can help you to make your identity in front of huge audience. :)

2. It will also improve your writing skills. There are many bloggers who was not able to write a single post and they used to copy others content and by doing regular practice of blog posting, now they are able to write a quality blog post without anybody’s help and even now they do not copies a single sentence of others content. This is the biggest benefit which I got by doing regular posting. :)

3. Placing your experience in front of other bloggers or readers by doing guest posting will give you new friend on blogosphere. Yes I am saying true, by doing guest posting, there are many chances of making some new friends and they will also connect with you on social networks.

And I thinks that nobody is perfect in anything, So these friends can also help you in blogging or related to any other help depends on your problem. :)

4. Your high quality guest post contributed by you on other blog can also help you to drive some good amount of referral traffic direct to your blog. Because your writing skills and your knowledge will attract readers from other blogs to your blog. :)

5. Submitting your guest post on high pagerank blogs will also help you in getting a dofollow backlink to your blog. Never forget my friends, dofollow backlinks are more beneficial for your blog’s PR.

Will you believe me that by creating good dofollow backlinks, this blog got Google Page rank 3 direct from Google Page Rank 0 ( Big achievement of this blog ) on Google PR update of 6th December. 2013. ;)

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How To Find Guest Blogging Sites

Now It’s time to explain you some quick tricks to find blogs accepting guest posts. I know there are many ways of finding these blogs in Google but I will explain you some quick and easy ways which will surely give you an excellent result.

1. Use Google Alerts

You can use Google alerts for guest blogging sites. Google alerts is the service powered by Google which will send you an email direct to your inbox whenever a new blog will start accepting guest posts on their blog related to your niche.

This is the best way recommending by me to find guest posting sites. You should must read this article to learn that how to use google alerts to find guest blogging blogs.

2. Find Guest Blogging Opportunities Using Google

how to find guest blogging sites

The another perfect and easy ways to find guest blogging opportunities is to use Google. Yes you can also find these blogs for submitting your guest post by using Google. You just have to search in Google by using below search terms. :)

” Your Keyword ”

“ Your Keyword ”

“ Your Keyword ”

“ Your Keyword ”

“ Your Keyword ”

“ Your Keyword ”

“ Your Keyword ”

By using this trick, I am sure Google will give you thousands even more results. Enjoy :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this article about how to find guest blogging sites and If you really like my way of writing this blog post and please don’t forget to share this post on social networks. ;)


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