How To Optimize Images For Seo To Improve Google Ranking

Optimizing blog content is the first step to move towards the success of your blog and your also because optimizing content helps to improve ranking in major search engines like Google which gives traffic to your blog and direct traffic to from search engines like Google called organic traffic and flood of organic traffic means moving towards success of your blog. Therefore you should optimize your content and images are also included in your content. Many bloggers optimizes their posts but forget to optimize images of their blog posts. seo optimized images can help to bring traffic from Google’s Image search to your blog and it will also improve the ranking of your post in search engines. Today I will explain you that how to optimize images for seo to drive organic traffic to your blog. ;)

how to optimize images for seo

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Image Optimization Tips

I am sharing some most important tips for image optimization below which will help your post to improve ranking in Google.

Use Keywords For Renaming Images

Some times people download images from other website or blog to insert in their blog post and they also uses photos clicking through their camera but they forget to rename their images. By default images named as image.1234.jpg or photo1234.png, but this is not the correct way of naming the images for your blog posts. You should always use your keywords to rename images which you will use in your post like I did for this post Image-Optimization-tips.jpg.

Use Hyphen or Dash To Separate Words For Images

You should always remember while renaming images that you have to use dash or hyphen to separate the words. Don’t use ( _ ) underscore while renaming images because Google considers dashes as word separator and considers underscore as word joiners.

>> Image-Optimization-For-Seo = Image Optimization For Seo

>> Image_Optimization_For_Seo = ImageOptimizationForSeo

Use Correct Format For Images

JPG, PNG, GIF etc are the formats of images and you have to use only appropriate format for your images. Many bloggers and webmaster are using JPG formatted images because in this format, the images occupy less size than other formats which helps in decreasing load time of that web page and less load time helps to improve search ranking. ;)

Don’t Forget To Compress Images

As I said above that JPG format is the most preferable format by many bloggers and webmaster are using this format for their images. But what for those people who don’t know about this before and they have already used images of other formats and they are big in size. So I have also a solution for this, If you are also from those bloggers then you should compress the images of your blog. If you are using WordPress then there is a plugin named wp which will help you to reduce image size to decrease web page loading time. :)

 Use Proper Title Tag And ALT Tag

<img title=”Image Optimization Tips” alt=”how to optimize images for seo” src=””>

<img title=” Image Title ” alt=” Keyword ” src=” Image URL “>

The title tag and alt tag are the parts of HTML of the image which gives the description of the image. You have to place your best keyword properly in the title tag and alt tag by following above format by which your blog post seo will be improve and will get better search ranking. Don’t place too many keywords in alt tag, only place your best keyword because it is used by Google to know about your image. :)

Image Dimension

Always use the below format for your image dimension. Giving proper dimension to the image helps to load page faster. It also helps web crawler to better crawl your content.

<img src=”” width=”900″ height=”360″ /></p>

<img src=” Image URL ” width=”900″ height=”360″ /></p>

Above is the format for the dimension of your image, you can change the values according to your need.

If you know more about how to optimize images for seo then must share with us through comments below and share this post on social networks, If you really like this post. Happy Blogging ;)


  1. Shahbaz Jam says

    I am agree with Chetan Gupta, and it is very useful for seo that use keyword of article in image name, title, caption, and finally in description.
    Shahbaz Jam

  2. says

    Nice Article.Will there be any problem if we use images from web for displaying similar products on any other website? and What about relevancy of text used on any image for SEO?

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