Google Penalties is not a new word for webmasters, In the last few years, this word is getting more and more popular due to Algorithm Updates. Many new and old websites faced penalties for different manipulative methods which resulted huge drop in organic traffic. All those websites find themselves in a bad position as some… (0 comment)

Are you using blogspot or blogger platform for your website? If yes then I am sure that you are aware of the thing that the comments of blogger blog are nofollow. Right? And you are trying to get more quality and valuable comments on your blog articles. Am I right? Okay let me explain to… (1 comment)

Image Credit Facebook is the most popular and fastest growing social networking site. Today everybody, from 5 years old children to 80 years old people are using Facebook on the regular basis. People use Facebook for fun, entertainment and also to promote their business. Promoting any product or brand on social media site like Facebook… (0 comment)

Image Credit Nofollow and Dofollow are both the most commonly known terms in seo and these terms are related to backlinks. I am talking about Dofollow backlinks and Nofollow backlinks. Backlinks plays a most important role in seo, nofollow and dofollow are the two kinds of backlinks. Getting dofollow backlinks from high authority websites or… (1 comment)

Image Credit Link building plays an important role in Seo like a backbone of a human body. Building links are the backbone of search engine optimization. If you will use best link building techniques then the Seo of your blog will definitely improve instantly. Building links can boost your blog traffic and Google will love… (3 comments)

Image Credit Checking keyword ranking in Google is the mandatory part of search engine optimization to know the position of your blog posts in Google. Having good position in Google of your blog posts means more traffic from search engines like Google and more organic traffic means more benefits. Some bloggers don’t use keyword research… (3 comments)

Optimizing blog content is the first step to move towards the success of your blog and your also because optimizing content helps to improve ranking in major search engines like Google which gives traffic to your blog and direct traffic to from search engines like Google called organic traffic and flood of organic traffic means… (7 comments)