Clk.Im Review – Make Money By Shortening URL

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Have you ever earned money online?

If this question is very new to you then you might be thinking that

Can We Really Earn Money Online?

You may be thinking like this because you haven’t earned money online even you haven’t heard any way by which you can earn money online. Am I right or not?

You haven’t heard about how to earn money online but You looks very much curious to know about it. Right? 😀

You are very much curious to earn money through internet because you are totally stuck with your 9 to 5 job. Right?

If I am correct then don’t worry my friend, Now you will also earn money through internet as I am going to share a way with you which will work like a charm for you. 😀

Many people try so hard to earn money online but most will fail due to lack of knowledge and hard work. But I will guide you properly and will explain you that how you can achieve your target. Okay 😀Clk Review

So friends, here I will be going to explain you about a tool i.e. Clk.Im which will help you to earn money online. 😀

What Is Clk.Im ?

Now friends, It’s a high time when I have to introduce about this tool to yourself. So let me explain you about the tool. 😀

Clk.Im is a Premium URL shortening service by which you can easily shorten any long URL which you are going to share anywhere on the web.

And the good thing about it is, you will get paid when you will shorten any long URL and then make someone click on it.

Actually, Clk.Im is connected with some advertising networks so that we can get paid when we shorten URL using this tool and then make someone click on it.

Suppose, you shortened any News URL which is so much trending and people are so much crazy to know about that news. So when you will share that shortened URL on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+ then there would be more chances that people will click on it because that news will be trending and when people will click on that shortened URL then it will show advertisement almost 8 seconds and then automatically redirect to that news article which that person wants to read.

In this way, the person who wants to read that trending news can easily read the news and you will also earn some bucks.

What We Offers ?

We always take care of our users as when they shorten links using our URL shortener then we monetize them with a full page interstitial ad. Many other URL shorteners used to pay according to the traffic of the user but we don’t. we do not pay our users a flat fee for their traffic. We believe that users should get reasonable and genuine revenue that’s why we pay our users a very generous 70% revenue share. Some users have been able to achieve a gross of $20 eCPM for their US traffic – leaving them with a $14 cut for each 1000 clicks! Other users who’s traffic does not preform as well make less.

SAAS – Interstitial ad server (SSP) – If any of the user want to upgrade to pro then he or she will be charged a nominate fee of $14.99/ month by which they will be able to set their own monetization URL’s. After this, you will be able to monetize your shortened URL’s with whatever you think best for the links. Suppose, you wants to collect lead, promote content/sponsored offerings or even your own affiliate links then you will be allowed to do so after getting pro account. 😀 & we wouldn’t ask for a single penny for that, you can keep 100% of their profits. You only have to pay monthly subscription fee. 😉

There are many beneficial features in our shorteners like setting custom alias, geotargeting of URL’s, QR code, password protect links (content locking) and providing a description (note) for each link. We also provide detailed analytics for each link.

We provide with several integrations that either automatically shortens the links or make it super simple to create them such as bookmarklet, API, automatic website shortening JS script and a smart WordPress plugin.

If you have any WordPress blog then It will be really great for you as you can use our unique WordPress plugin. By using this plugin, you can define yourself that which links we should shorten automatically. You can define types of links (with jquery class), specific domains, only external/internal links, only links on specific types of page (page,post,category,tag) etc.

In order to use our services, you shouldn’t have any website or any marketing knowledge and we don’t accept traffic that come from adult or illegal content sites or allow users to shorten URL’s that lead to such sites. We also do not allow users to shorten URLs that lead to other shortening service.

You can even make more money while using our URL shortener. Suppose any of your friend also wants to earn money like you then you can refer this tool to your friend and when your friend will sign up then you will get a 5% referral revenue share from all of your sub registrations + 25% recurring commission if any of your sub registrations upgrades to pro accounts.

It looks like you are very much excited to use this tool. Right?

Then friends, why are you waiting. Go Ahead. 😀

How To Register & Use it ?

1. Go to Clk.Im >> Register.

2. Place your details like Email address, Password etc and then click on ” Create Account ” button.

3. After clicking on it, You will get an email to your email address in which you have to click on ” Activate ” link so as to activate your account.

4. After activating your account, Now you can login to your Clk.Im account by using your login credentials.

5. When you will login to your account then you will see an awesome Dashboard of your account as you can see in the below screenshot.Clk Dashboard

You will see a URL shortener tool on the dashboard which you can use to shorten your URL.

6. As you can see in the above screenshot, there is an option in the sidebar i.e. Manage URL’s by which you can manage your shortened URL’s.

7. Under Settings section, you can edit your account details like email address or Password. Clk.Im’s minimum payout is $50 so whenever you will cross this threshold then you will get paid through PayPal. You only need to place all your details like your name, address, bank account details etc under payment details section which you will find under ” Settings ” tab.

8. After this, You will find ” Monetization Settings ” as showing in the above screenshot which is only for Premium users. So If you wants to take benefits of it then kindly upgrade your account to pro users. 😀

You may know that If you will refer any user to then you will earn (lifetime!) 5% Revenue Share from your referrals earnings + 25% Revenue Share on Pro Membership Upgrades (including re-bills!).

9. As you can see in the screenshot, there is an option i.e. Referral Zone where you will find your referral link by which you will refer this tool to any of your friend. 😀

I hope you get all the points clearly, Now it’s your turn, Go ahead and Do sign up today. 😀

Now after doing all this, you can easily start earning online. 😀


This was the complete article on ” Review – Make Money By Shortening URL ” which will help you to earn money online. Clk.Im is really a great URL shortening tool which allows you to earn as much as you can. There is no fixed salary as your job, you can earn unlimited money by using this tool. I had used this tool very much and I really loved it. 😀

This tool is really great to earn some good bucks. You only need to find trending and attention grabbing news and then shorten that news URL using this tool and then share the shorten URL on social media sites so that people can click on the shortened link in order to read the news and when they will click on the link then will see the ad till 8 seconds and then after that can also read news easily and In this way, You can also earn money easily from the internet. Right? 😀

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