Event Bloggers, Stop Doing These Mistakes – Try This Instead

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As the title of this article says that

Event Bloggers, Stop Doing These Mistakes – Try This Instead ! ,

Now after reading the post title, It would be clear to you that the article is saying something to Event Bloggers. Right?

It also been clear to you that the article is saying to event bloggers to stop doing some mistakes which most of the event bloggers are doing.

And the article is also suggesting to do something else instead of doing event blogging. Right?

Now there would be many questions started raising in your mind like

  • What are those mistakes which even most of the event bloggers are doing?
  • What this article is suggesting to do instead of doing event blogging?

After reading this complete article, you will get all the answers of your questions. As you know that event blogging is very much trending nowadays. Right?

Every new blogger is trying their luck by starting their own event blog. The number count of event bloggers is increasing day by day and people are trying so much hard to got succeed in event blogging. But as you know that, In every field some people got succeed and some people fails.

Same thing happens here with most of the event bloggers. Few event bloggers got succeed & earned good money from their event blogs like me 😉 but some people also failed in it.

So here in this article, I will cover some points which will let you know that what mistakes you are doing and what you should do in order to get long term success. So lets get back to the point. 😉


Event Blogging Mistakes

Now here after I will explain you that

  • What mistakes you are doing in event blogging?
  • How these mistakes could be harmful for you?
  • What you should do in order to avoid these mistakes?

So start reading the rest part of this article below. 🙂

1. Duplicate Content

Nowadays Event bloggers think that

Event Blogging is Just Like An ATM Machine

Whenever they need to withdraw money then they simply start working on an event blog where all the content would be copied from other sites and just useless for readers.

Publishing duplicate content on the event sites is the common mistake which many event bloggers are doing nowadays in order to get instant success. They might be thinking that they could easily create content by copy pasting without doing any hard work and Google will rank their copied articles. Huh :3

How It Could be Harmful?

You should always must remember that either you are doing blogging or event blogging, Originality is always important. You creates duplicate content because You might not be care for your readers But remember Google does care for their readers/users.

Always remember that Google will never let their users to read such article which is copied from somewhere else. Google is maintaining their quality and always wants to keep those sites on top which has original and helpful content for their readers. So that’s the biggest reason, many event blogger fails in ranking their article or website in Google because of duplicate content.

2. Unprofessional Event Blog Setup

I have seen many sports event blogs which claims to be an ” Official Website ” of that sports event. Event bloggers used to place keywords in the title of their blog like CLT20 2014 Official Website , ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Official Website etc.

They claims their website as a official website of that event but when you will see their blog then you will feel that the blog is looking totally unprofessional.

1. You will see that the blog footer is totally filled with lots of directories reciprocal links.

2. You will see that the sidebar of those Official Websites is filled with many sitewide links.

3. You will see that the articles of these Official Websites are tagged with 7-8 long long keyword labels.

Doing all this, does really meant to be an Official Website ?

If you are claiming your event blog as an Official Website then stop doing all this now.

How It Could be Harmful?

Nowadays Google is being very strict to these kinds of event blogs. Whenever Google finds such kinds of blog which looks totally spammed then it simply penalize those blogs and drops their ranking from Google SERP’s.

Many event bloggers used to place unusual live streaming channels links in their articles which AdSense Team consider as you are misguiding your readers by which they could easily ban your Adsense account even they can also stop serving ads on your that event domain. And once your domain is banned for ads serving then thereafter your event will totally be flopped because you are not able to place/show Google ads on your site.

This was happened with me at the time of FIBA 2014 event ( See Screenshot below ) that’s why I am saying this. So stop doing such activities and try to be real. 😉

fiba ad serving

3. Bad Domain Selection & Keyword Stuffing

Some of the event blogging experts or SEO experts thinks that If they will register domains like


Then they could easily got ranked higher in Google for all the keywords. And they wouldn’t let any single visitor to arrive any other site. They are those kinds of event bloggers ” Jo Akele Akele Sab Kuch Khaa Jana Chahte Hain 😀 “.

They simply place lots of keywords in their content and not even single times but again and again which we call Keywords Stuffing because they wants to rank higher for each and every keyword. 😀

How It Could be Harmful?

So listen friend, If you are one of them then I would like to inform you that you are just a foolish blogger because Google never ranks higher such domains or blogs.

If you really wants to be successful in event blogging then kindly act like a human not like an alien. 😀

4. Spamming While Link Building

As everybody knows that link building is the most crucial part for ranking any website or to improve SEO of any blog. But nowadays many websites or blogs has stopped giving quality links from there websites because event bloggers or many other spammers are spamming their websites by submitting such comments filled with lots of links to their website.


In above screenshot, You can see that how a single comment is filled with lots of links. Similarly many event bloggers are submitting such comments in which they used to place lots of links for a single URL which is not good.

How It Could be Harmful?

As your blog could penalize by Google by doing such activities. If you don’t stop doing such things then one day will come when every website will stop giving backlinks in their comment section and then the career of event bloggers will totally be finished. 😀

Instead of doing this, You could simply place 1-2 links in your comments which could looks genuine and acceptable by the website owner. But If you will spam their website with such kind of comments then the admin of that website could also remove all the comments just because of your single spam comment.

How You are Just Wasting Your Time and Energy?

According to me, Event bloggers are just wasting their time and energy because they used to do same thing again and again for each different event blog like

  • They purchase separate domain for each and every new event.
  • They used to create backlinks again and again for each and every event

Creating backlinks again and again for every event is just waste of time and energy. If your event blog succeed then it’s okay but what If you got failed? Your hard work in creating backlinks got wasted.

Now when you will prepare for new event then you will again purchase a new domain and then will also crate backlinks again for that domain which seems to be waste of time and energy.

Try This Instead

As I know, You could improve traffic and SEO of a single blog. Instead of purchasing new domain and creating separate backlinks for each and every new event domain, You should purchase a single domain for sports event and a single domain for other event related to images, SMS, wishes etc.

Suppose you have purchased a single sports domain name, Now you need to create quality backlinks only for that single sports domain and then start publishing quality and helpful sports article on that sports blog.

As everybody knows that when you will start posting articles on the regular basis of that sports blog then a time will arrive when Google will start ranking your articles just after publishing of it because at that time, your blog will be authoritative and Google will start loving your that sports blog because your blog is updating regularly.

So On that sports blog, you can easily cover each sports event and you don’t need to create backlinks again and again for each event because At that time, your blog will be authoritative and when you will publish article of any sports event then your article will got ranked higher in Google without creating backlinks for that article.

So try to understand this thing and save your blogging future. Otherwise you are just wasting your time and energy because after the event, your event domain just remains in dustbin and useless for you.

You can also start a long term micro niche site like Whatsapp Status related etc etc.

Hope you will understand what I am trying to explain here. I’ll be thankful to you if you could share this article on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ If it really worth share. HAPPY BLOGGING 😉


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