10 Quick Tips to Get Google Adsense Approval

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These days majority of the bloggers working hard to establish a good Income from their Blogs. I have seen only few, who only work on blogs as their Hobby’s and to help other’s in their free time. Disregard them, all others will love to generate living from their blogs. But to do so, they must need an Adsense Account which is the Best Advertising Network around the web. They has the Highest CPC rates and by far the best when compared to other Ad Networks.

So, Due to high CPC rates, every blogger wants to get approved adsense account. But most of the time user’s fail, Only because of tiny mistakes or due to some serious technical issues with their blogs. Also, there are some rumors on Internet that getting an Adsense Account is very difficult. So, Newbies tend to make more mistakes after reading all these rumors. In reality getting an Adsense Account Approved is not a difficult thing to do. Actually, it is all about fulfilling all requirements needed to apply for adsense. If you done everything correct, then I can bet Google will never ever disapprove your application. But to do so, you will need a proper guide that will help you prepare your blog for adsense application.

So, Today we will provide you the guide in which we will include some basicย tips to get Google adsense approval on which you will need to do work. So, Let’s start without wasting too much time.

Tips to get  Adsense Account approval


Google adsense approval tips

#1 Custom Domain With premium Extension

A custom domain will make blog look more professional and also a premium extension (.com or org) will make it more SEO friendly. As we all know these extensions rank much higher in search Engine than any other Domain extensions. So, using these extensions with appropriate domain name will move you One step higher in getting an Adsense Account.

#2 Write Unique, In-depth, Attractive Content

A popular proverb “Content is King” will explain everything. If you really want to get approved by Adsense, then you must write unique, In-depth content (Minimum 500 words for beginners and 700 words for Intermediates). I have seen many newbies copy pasting articles and then trying to get approved from adsense. It will not happen if you do so, actually it will spoil all your future programs because adsense hates copyrighted duplicate content and they may never approve your account if you applied too many times with spam scraped content. Additionally, you also have to make it attractive using some CSS Work and related Images. It is a simple formula, if your content attracts Visitors then, it will surely attract Adsense and they will approve your account.

#3 Blog Design and Loading Speed Matters

As we know first impression is the last Impression. If your blog has an old fashioned look and it takes a lot of seconds to load then, forget about having an adsense account approved. So, work on your Blog Design, make everything attractive including Header, Sidebar, Body, Footer and also don’t compromise on site loading speed. These little things will make big difference in the end.

#4 Make Blog Posts Search Engine Friendly

Making every blog post search engine friendly will Increase chances of account approval. Adsense also use Robots to check every Web site and then decide to approve or Not. So, similarly to search Engine optimization process, you can make your blogs SEO friendly and make Adsense Robots accept account application.

#5 Produce Sufficient Content

Before applying for adsense, You must have 20-25 blog posts published and all posts should be distributed among different categories. Suppose you have 5 Categories and 25 Posts on your Blog then, each category must contain 5 posts. This is not an official word from adsense team but We recommend to follow this to Improve Account Approval chances.

#6 Don’t Forget to Include About Us, Privacy policy, Contact Pages

Privacy Policy is must have on Websites as explained by adsense team many years ago. Additionally About Us, Terms of Service, and Contact Us pages on your blog will improve approval chances.

#7 Relevancy is Most Important

Publishing relevant content to your domain name is most important both in search engine and also for adsense. I have seen many blogs getting approved with irrelevant content but those are exceptions. You must focus on two or three topics related to your domain and explain them briefly specially before apply for adsense.

#8 Traffic has very Little Importance

You must have thought of low page views after reading so much posts on internet saying you need more than 1000 Unique Visitors per day. In reality Adsense Team doesn’t care about visitors of your Blog, Only thing they care is Quality and Design of Blog. But still to make some Income you will need decent amount of traffic. So, I think, there is no need to tell you when to apply for Adsense.

#9 Avoid Prohibited Content

Any type of Prohibited Content (Pornography, Hacking, Cracking, or any other illegal Material) on your Blog may lead to Account Rejection. So, avoid using any of this material on your Blog to get Approved.

#10 Domain age (Minimum 6 Months)

Adsense has official words on this that blogs from India and China must be 6 months old to get approved. So, Newbie publishers from these two Countries have to wait for a period of 6 months before they can apply for Adsense.

But that 6 Month Period can be really painful for those who don’t have any financial Income or Students who spent all pocket money on their Blogs. So, For them, I will advice to create a Hosted Adsense Account with Hosted Websites. That will give them oppurtunity to make some Income in that 6 Months Time.

Popular Hosted Sites for Applying Hosted Adsense Account:-

  1. YouTube
  2. Blogspot
  3. HubPages
  4. Docstoc
  5. IndiaStudyChannel

How to Apply For Google Adsense Through Youtube

It’s not a hard job. We will recommend everyone to select YouTube as it gives best opportunity to generate Decent Income from Adsense. I will provide some Proof of my Income from Adsense through YouTube in next paragraph. So, To apply for Hosted Adsense Account, you firstly need to have a Gmail Account to Sign Up for YouTube and then a properly Setup Channel with some Videos in it.

It takes only few Steps to Setup YouTube Channel: –

  1. Login to YouTube With Gmail Account.
  2. Select a Name of your Channel and click “Create”.
  3. Upload some Videos to Channel.
  4. After Uploading Videos, go to “YouTube Setting”>>”View Additional Features”>> “Monetization” Tab.
  5. In the Monetization Tab, click “Enable Monetization” and Accept Rules and Regulations.
  6. After Accepting Guildlines (Rules and Regulations), click this Link: – http://www.youtube.com/account_monetization?action_adsense_connection=1
  7. Now You Will See a YouTube Page with “Next” Button on it. click that Button.
  8. Now, you will be Redirected to Adsense Association page where they will ask you to Create a new Google Account or Sign in with Existing Google Account.
  9. Select any of the Options and then Enter your Personal Details, Including Name “Payee Name” “Address” and some other Details.
  10. After Entering Details, Just Apply for Account and You will be Approved within 2 to 24 Hours Time.

You can also watch this Video Tutorial on “How to Create a hosted Adsense Account with YouTube (Video Tutorial)“.

Note: – Don’t upload any copyrighted Videos in your YouTube channel. It will lead to account disabled. Create your own to generate Income for a longer period of time.

Proof of My Earnings from Adsense Through YouTube:-

december earnings

This is a proof of my December 2013 Earnings. You can also make similar kind of Income using YouTube.

Now, After 6 months, when your blog is fully prepared for full Adsense Account then, apply with your blog address in that same Hosted Account. That hosted account will be upgraded to full adsense account If your blog meets all requirements we mentioned earlier in this post.

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So, In this article we provided two ways to get Adsense Account approved. One is through your blog where you have to wait for 6 months if you are a New Blogger and other one through YouTube where you will get Hosted Account which you can use to make Income for 6 Months and then Upgrade Same Account to Full one, when your Blog is perfectly ready for Adsense. But if you are not ready, then check these Adsense Alternatives who can help you monetize your blog for some period of time, until you get

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Which Method You Like to Get Adsense Account it depends on you. This was the complete guide on tips to get Google adsense approval. If you wants to give any feedback, suggestion or have any question in your mind then feel free to leave a comment below to get your reply as soon as possible. It also be great If you can share this article on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. Happy Blogging ๐Ÿ˜€

Comments (19)

  • I have a google adsense account but not enough click.

    • Hi Ataur Rahman
      Having Google adsense account doesn’t mean that you can earn money from that. It will worth your earnings If your blog have good traffic. If your blog’s seo is good. So If you wants to get click from your readers then you need to increase your blog traffic from Google. After this you can expect some clicks on your ads. So Good Luck and thanks for commenting here. HAPPY BLOGGING ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Only with blog can i apply for AdSense?. I have two site http://www.rwdesigntest.com & http://www.nationalsymposium.in. can I apply AdSense for these websites?

    • Yes you can apply, but before applying you need to be sure that these websites are full filling all the conditions. Thanks for your comment Senthil Kumar & HAPPY BLOGGING ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I enjoyed your tips and i summarized it for my self, kindly take a look, if anything is left please let me know.
    โ€ In order to approve your website for adsense you need to work on quality of the content and submit your site to โ€œwebmastertool, โ€œ.
    – Use Google Analytics and proper navigation for your website.
    – Use a Disclaimer and provide a privacy policy and About us pages in your website or blog.
    – Adding information of your company, create header and footer.
    – Dont use too much images and videos.
    – Create a user friendly easy to navigate website.
    – Using Domain email or branded email.

  • I am tired to get approved by adsense. It’s really a hard game to play. There are lot’s of things to follow. I have no enough traffic so they not approving my app. I am trying it since many weeks. Thanks for sharing this post. Please share more exclusive tips for me.

  • hi here im writing about our legend prime minister from 2months ….how much time its need to approve from google. im begginer till the day i send the application 3times…i get reply from the google (you site need some more text and something)….im trying to become a youtube partner also i get 2000 views is it possible to get approve from the youtube….so please give suggitions and tips what im exactly do?indiatoandhra.blogspot.com and pmtoindia.blogspot.com…these are my blogs please give your valuable suggitions to me

    thank u sir

    • Hi Ram
      I appreciate your comment and I think you should follow all the tips which already explained above and secondly you should update your site regularly as Google adsense want. Thanks for visiting on this blog and Happy Blogging. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Thanks for sharing your ideas!
    I got my adsense account approved for the 1st step and waiting for 2 step.
    Can you tell me how much time it will take to get 2nd step approved?

    • Subodh , there is not any fix time interval for when Google will approve your site 2nd step. It mostly takes upto from 2 days to 15 days. Sometimes you will get reply from google adsense on the next of of placing the ad unit for the 2nd steps and sometimes it may also takes 10-15 days and still you will wait for the reply from the Google Adsense. Only luck matters in this case. BTW Thanks for stoping by & HAPPY BLOGGING ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Hello Atinder!! Your Article is great ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a question ? One of my fb friend telling me that he can change my Youtube hosted account to a normal account and for that he is asking me to pay him 200$. I want to ask you it is possible to change a Hosted account to a normal Adsense account or its juss a spam ?

    • Don’t just trust on anyone when If they will ask to pay some money to do that. Do pay for it and try to upgrade your Adsense account by yourself. Thanks for your comment. Happy Blogging ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Thanks for sharing your ideas.
    I got my adsense first step approved, and waiting for final step approval. Almost 10 days but no reply.

  • Great tips to get adsense quickly…..I struggle very long time to get adsense but after reading and following your blog tips, i finally got it…Thanks a lot for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thanx Atinder, Just followed your tips and got my adsense account approve only in 12 days. I already have an Adsense account but I thought to give a try on my EMD blog and got sucess, thanx a lot for this great share.

  • I have Non hosted Google Adsense account … I want use Google ad codes on my site http://www.oolalalji.com…please some one check my website what change should i do to protect my Adsanse account …..

    I added all necessary page like contact us , privacy policy , about us ….. or i add more pages

    is any other thing to improve or no need …please guide me ….

    • Asha
      It seems that your domain is not available online. So first setup your domain properly and use AdSense on it. Otherwise Google will definitely ban your Adsense account. Thanks for commenting this website. HAPPY BLOGGING ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Thanks Atinder for these nice puiece of article and i also wrote about the adsence approval at my website here is the link http://codeblogging.com/get-faster-adsense-approval-2-days


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