How to Count / Check / Find Your Feedburner Subscribers

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Do you actually knows that how many subscribers your blog have???

Have you ever think to check the number of subscribers count your blog have??? I don’t know which content syndication service you are using but I must say that It is most important for you to know that how much subscribers your blog have.

If you will try to know the number of your blog subscribers then 2 conditions may appear,

  1. Your blog may have a large number of subscribers.
  2. Your blog may have a very few subscribers.

In both the conditions, you have to think very seriously about your blog subscribers because these subscribers are the regular readers of your blog.

If your blog have a large number of subscribers then you can show it on your blog to attract the more subscribers. When other readers will see that people are taking interest in your blog posts then they will also love to subscribe to your blog.

If your blog have a very few subscribers then you have to think very seriously. You must need to work hard to increase the number of subscribers of your blog.

There are many content syndication service available in the market free and premium both. But As I know Feedburner is one of the great and free content syndication service by Google which many bloggers or webmasters are using on the internet. If you are using Feedburner on your blog to deliver content to your subscribers mail box then you will learn in the blog post that How to check Feedburner subscribers count otherwise you can also read our feedburner tutorial series to setup feedburner for your blog or website also. πŸ˜€

Now lets get back to the tutorial. I will explain you step by step so just follow the steps to know the subscribers count of your Feedburner account. πŸ˜€

how to check feedburner subscribers


Trick to Find Feedburner Subscribers of Any Particular Website

So my friends, I am going to share a very simple trick by which you will get to know that how many number of email subscribers a particular blog have. As you know that every Fedburner feed user will have address like where globalcraze is the Feed ID ( Name of the feed ). As like this, every blog will have Feed ID.

1. Open a new tab in your browser.

2. Enter a URL in the URL box like

3. Place the Feed ID of the blog for which you wants to check number of subscribers. Suppose If you wants to check subscribers count for this website then place ” globalcraze ” in place of FeedID in the URL.

4. Hit Enter.

Then an 88×26 pixels GIF image will open in the new tab which will show you that number of feedburner subscribers of that particular website.

Note: This trick wouldn’t be work If the Feedburner account owner of that particular website has not activated the feed count service. If the feed count service is activated then you can see the number of subscribers using this method. πŸ˜€

Steps to Show Feedburner Subscribers Count Using Feed Chicklet

Feed Chicklet is a small rectangular box in which the number of subscribers has been written. To show that Feed Chicklet on your website, follow the below step correctly.

1. Login to your Feedburner account.

2. Click on your Feedburner title and then Go to Publicize tab >> Feed Count and then simply click on ” Save ” butten at the bottom of the page to activate this service.

3. After activating the Feed count service, you will see the both static and animated Feed Chicklets there as showing in the below image. You can also choose the color scheme of your Feed chicklet.

feed count


4. Copy the HTML code as showing in the above image from the Feed count page and paste that code on your website sidebar or else where you want to add this.

5. You are Done. πŸ˜€

Final Words…

Now at the ending point of this blog post on How to check feedburner subscribers. I want to summarize you that what you learned in this article. In this article, first I have explained you that how you can check the number of subscribers of any website using a trick. secondly you learned that how you can show the number of Feedburner subscribers of your blog by using a Feed Chicklet. Now after you know the number of your blog subscribers, you can understand what you need to do ahead. If your subscribers are very high then show it on your blog using this Feed chicket to increase your blog subscribers. In short, you only need to increase your subscribers in any case. If you really liked this article then please subscribe to this blog to get updated with the latest blog articles of this blog. Thanks for reading & HAPPY BLOGGING πŸ˜€

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  • Before few days ago i was thinking about the same question that how to check no. of subscriber of any blog then suddenly i saw your share in Facebook which tempt me to click on your link. It also gives me idea about Chicklets. Thanks for writing this informative post.

    • Hi Haresh
      Thanks for your commenting and reading this article. I was also wonder at that time when I learned that how we can even check the number of Feedburner subscribers of any blogs. This is what I also like most. HAPPY BLOGGING πŸ˜€


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