How To Add An Amazing Google Translator To Chrome

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how to add google translator to chrome

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I wanna ask to you that what would you do when you are surfing internet and suddenly encounter a website written in such a language which you don’t know? Or sometimes it happens that you are surfing internet while traveling to china etc and you wants to know about the china. So to know deeply about it, you encounter a website which is written in totally Chinese language then at that time you must need a translator which can translate that web page in your language so that you can understand the web page easily. Right? 😀

If you are a Google chrome user then you have a best option to make your translation work more easier because I am going to explain you that how you can install Google translator toolbar for chrome. It’s very easy process and will take 1-2 minutes to add Google translate to chrome. 😀

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How To Add Google Translate Button To Chrome

I will explain you the very short process but step by step so follow these few steps to add Google translator to your chrome.

Step-1: First Go to Chrome web store – Google Translate.

Step-2: When you will open chrome web store in your chrome browser then you will see a blue ” Add to chrome ” button on the top right side of the browser. Click on that button.

Step-3: As you will click on that button then you will see a pop-up asking you that whether you wants to add this chrome extension or not? simply click on ” Add ” button as showing in the below image. 😀

Add Google Translator

Step-4: Just after clicking on ” Add ” button, chrome will start adding this extension in your chrome browser.

add google translate to chrome

Now after this , you have totally added this extension in your chrome browser. Now you need to configure this extension. Don’t worry it’s also very easy to configure. 😀 It will look like below image when chrome will completely add this extension in your browser.

google translate to chrome

You will also see the icon of translation in the upper right corner of the browser, after adding this extension in your browser.

Step-5: Now click right on that icon and then click on options then the chrome extension options will open where you will set your default language as showing in the below image.

install google translator toolbar for chrome

Check the box saying ” Translate automatically ” if you wants to translate new different language web pages automatically in your language. After doing all this , simply save the settings and enjoy. 😀

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Final Words…

Now I just want to say you that enjoy Google translation in your chrome browser. Whenever you will click on the translation icon then it will translate the whole web page in your default language. If you really like the article on how to add Google translator to chrome then must share this article on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Happy Blogging 😉

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  • thank you for this valuable information i really need this translation tool because there are many thing i wanna read and i found some page with foreign langauge so i pass that immediatly so i will install this tool 😀

  • Hi

    Nice and informative post.

    Google translator is really a very helpful tool.Whenever we have some problem in understanding a foreign language Google translator is a best tool to use. Many people use chrome as their default browser so for them adding up this translator tool would be very productive.

    Thank you for sharing

    • Hi Sagar
      Thanks for commenting here. Yes you are absolutely correct that Google translator is really a helpful tool to understand any other foreign language. Thanks for your visit and keep visiting again. Happy Blogging 😀


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