Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress

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Interesting Things to Do After WordPress Installation
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Now I am going to explain you some interesting things to do after WordPress installation which is most important for making a successful blog. I know you have already installed WordPress but after doing this, you are thinking that what should be the next step. Right???  So i am writing some important points below on which you should implement on your blog. I had also wrote a post in which i had completely described on

You Should Learn: Interesting Things to Do After WordPress Installation

First of all, before you start reading about ” Interesting Things to Do After WordPress Installation ” you need to remove some unwanted things from your WordPress blog which generates automatically when you install WordPress.

  • When you install WordPress then a ” SAMPLE PAGE ” generates automatically. So remove or trash that page. Go to Dashboard > Pages > All Pages and then trash the ” SAMPLE PAGE “.
  • Remove the post named ” HELLO WORLD ” from ” ALL POSTS ” option. Go to Dashboard > Posts > All Posts and then trash ” HELLO WORLD “.
  • You may also see some extra widgets at the right sidebar like Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Archives, Categories, Search bar, Meta, Login, Entries RSS, Comments RSS etc right??? So you can remove useless widgets. Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets then drag widgets which you want from right sidebar  and drop them in available widgets which you don’t want to see at right sidebar.

1. Set Your WordPress Profile

Having an interesting WordPress profile may attract your visitors and even then can try to find more about yourself.
Go to Dashboard > Users > Your Profile then there are some options in personal information which you can choose from to change. Fill your name, website name, Facebook profile URL, Twitter Username without @ like me @GlobalCraze etc then write few lines about yourself in ” Biographical Info ” box.
After doing this, you can also change your WordPress password which is below of ” Biographical Info ” option. Concentrate on this point before reading the 2nd point of ” Interesting Things to Do After WordPress Installation “.

2. Install and Activate Theme

To attract your visitors, you should have an attractive theme. Right??? No most of the new blogger thinks that visitors like heavy colorful theme. So they install and activate very heavy theme which looks like boring and awkward. According to me, if you want to make informative blog related to any niche then you should choose a simple theme so that people easily find anything in your blog.
Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes then click on install theme and then you can search themes of your choice. After choosing the theme, click on install theme below the theme and then activate the theme. Simple 🙂 It was the second point on Interesting Things to Do After WordPress Installation on which hope you concentrate well.

3. Install Important Plugins

Plugins are the very good option to change functionality of your blog. Right???
Note :- There are  many plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory, you can choose any, but I am recommending that one which i am using personally.

1. BackUp WordPress

It’s a great WordPress BackUp plugin which i am using personally. I like its one great feature that is it automatically mail your blog Backup on a regular basis on your mail address.

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2. Better wp security

3. Count per day

It’s a very good plugin which you should use to see your blog’s visitors stats. Through this plugin, you can see total visitors, visitors per month, reads per month, visitors per post, visitors per day, number of visitors currently online and lots more.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog. With such a sitemap, it’s easier for the crawlers to see the complete structure of your site and retrieve it more efficiently. I know you are beginner and you don’t know that ” How to Create and Submit Your Sitemap to Google and Bing ” so you can take help by reading this post.

5. Limit Login Attempts

6. W3 Total cache

7. WordPress SEO By Yoast

The most loving seo plugin by many bloggers. It’s a great seo plugin than all. There are lots of feature in it and it is very easy to use. Improve your WordPress SEO Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

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These are those plugins which you may need at beginning of blogging. If you want to ask about someone else so feel free to leave your question in Comments. Okay 🙂

4. Adding categories and Changing Permalink structures

Permalink Structures

Good permalink structures are most important for SEO even it is very good for your readers. They can learn web address of your post easily. Go to Settings > Permalinks . WordPress is installed with default permeating structure.


So you can choose one SEO friendly permalink structure. I am recommending ” Day and Name ” Permalink structure.


and then save changes.

Adding Categories

You can also add some categories for your posts. Go to Posts > categories and simply fill the category name and then click on ” Add New Category “. You can also fill other options like description but i think these are useless for beginning. Right??? This is the most important point that why i write this post on ” Interesting Things to Do After WordPress Installation “.

5. Set General Setting

You should set your blog’s general setting in which you can fill the Site Tittle for your blog, Tagline, E-mail address and this address is used for admin purposes, like new user notification and lots more easy to use.

Hope you understand all the thing clearly about ” Interesting Things to Do After WordPress Installation “. If you have any question or suggestion then feel free to leave a comment and if you are commenting first time on this blog then read Comment Policy before commenting. If you really liked this article then you can click on Facebook like button or tweet this post to your twitter followers. You can also share this post on your Google+ profile.

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