How To Create or Set up Gravatar For WordPress Bloggers

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how to set up gravatar on wordpressDear readers, Now I am going to explain you that how to set up Gravatar on WordPress. Leaving your own image in comment section is the wonderful idea to attract attention of other readers. Gravatar image is mostly used for the commenting and it is also shown up in your WordPress blog profile. If you have a blog and you are searching some decent traffic for your blog then may be you are doing link building. Right??? 🙂

Link building is the most important part of search engine optimization and commenting on High PR dofollow blog is the most popular method for link building. So It is most important to set up your Gravatar image to improve your commenting. Right??? 🙂

What is a Gravatar?

A Gravatar is a globally recognized Avatar – Your Gravatar is the thumbnail image which appears when you comments someone’s blog and in your blog profile.

Why to Set Up Your Gravatar Image for Commenting

It’s a big question that why you should set up your Gravatar. Well my friends, To develop your identity or your brand’s identity on the web, a Gravatar is the most important thing. I am recommending you should use your professional looking image of smiling face with your dashing personality. You can also use the image of your company brand for your Gravatar.

I am sure setting an awesome Gravatar will definitely blink the eyes of other readers when they see your Gravatar in any comment or anywhere on the web. If you will not use Gravatar then you will use those boring default WordPress avatar. I am also comment on other blogs. Before setting Gravatar, I was also used default avatar. At that time, many of my comments was not approved because Gravatar is very demanded in comment section by many bloggers. Then one day I read about Gravatar and set it up for myself. So without wasting the time, I will explain you that how to set up Gravatar on WordPress .

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How to Set up Gravatar on WordPress

Step-1: You need to sign-up to ” Get your Gravatar “.

Step-2: Fill your Email address, Username and password and click on sign up.

Step-3: Then you will receive a Confirmation email sent to your email address.

Step-4: Login to your mail account and open that email and click on ” Activate account “. Then after redirecting, Click on ” Signin to Gravatar “.

Step-5: After doing this, Click on ” Add an image ” at the top of the screen and then choose where you’d like to get the image from. You can also choose from your computer.

Step-6: Browse your image from your computer and click on Next. Then after this, Crop your photo using the dotted box and then click on ” Crop and Finish”.

Step-7: Choose a rating for your Gravatar. You should choose A G rated Gravatar which is suitable for display on all websites with any audience type.

Last Words…

Hope you understand all the things on how to create a Gravatar for WordPress. If you really found this article helpful or you like this article then you can share this article on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with your friends and followers. If you have any question or suggestion then feel free to leave a comment. I will definitely respond you as soon as possible. 😉

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