11 Reasons to Choose Movavi Video Editor

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The choice of software for editing video and creating slideshows is really big, but we feel it is necessary to single out Movavi Video Editor. Here is the reason why: not only does it ensure the high quality of the result, but it is also incredibly simple and fun to work with.

So, here is the list of 11 things that this video editor has to make you feel like a professional when you create your first movie ever:

#1. Handy editing tools

There is a complete set of tools in this editor that you can use to make videos the way you want. You can cut and trim clips, rotate, crop, drag and drop fragments, split into parts and put them in the necessary order. All of these instruments are conveniently placed in the toolbar above the timeline.

#2. Quality enhancing

The editor will help you correct almost any possible video defect. Adjust colors manually or automatically, stabilize shaking footage and get rid of black bars in vertical videos. Your movie should be perfect, right?

#3. Big collection of filters and fades

Merge video fragments using smooth transitions and add atmospheric effects. Apply color filters and vignettes or flying objects at the same time and see how it fits your project. You can also make videos fade in and out so that the beginning and ending of your film are not abrupt.

#4. Unique titles and callouts

There are a lot of title samples that you can place in any part of your movie. Customize captions so they look good in the video: choose fonts, colors, position, and speed. Add callouts as well – speech bubbles, geometric shapes, arrows will play an explanatory role in your educational videos.

#5. Unusual special effects

Turn your home video into a cinematographic masterpiece with the help of Hollywood-like special effects. Add a timer to the footage and it will look like a recording on tape. Change the background with the help of the Chroma Key tool, reverse any track and split the screen into multiple videos.

#6. Compilation of built-in media

Backgrounds, video samples, tunes, and sounds – all of that will help you in filmmaking. You can add a countdown in the beginning, applause or laughter in appropriate places and set a mood with a romantic melody.

#7. Flexible audio settings

You can easily enhance audio tracks: normalize volume and get rid of background noises. Add volume points to the track, apply fading in/out effects to make the soundtrack more diverse. There are also equalizer presets to change the tone of the track that you can adjust yourself.

#8. Beat detection function

In order to create dynamic movies or slideshows, you can use automatic beat detection that will help you sync the slide duration with music or cut the track more precisely.

#9. Sound recording

Make a soundtrack yourself: record your own voice or play a melody on any musical instrument connected to the computer. Alter the recording with the help of audio effects: speak like a robot, add echo…have fun!

#10. Advanced project setup

You can adjust project settings whenever it suits you: before beginning to edit videos, right before exporting the result, or while you are working on the projects. You can choose resolution, framing, frame rate and sound channels.

#11. Easy export

The program lets you save the video in any popular format using any codec – more than 180 options for exporting video and audio altogether. You can also prepare the video for viewing on your mobile device, or upload it straight to your YouTube channel.

All things considered, Movavi Video Editor has everything you need for quick and high-quality video editing, being easy-to-use at the same time. Plus, if you ever need help, Movavi provides a complete set of tutorials that you can find through the Help – User Manual menu.

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