How to Submit Your Blog Post / Article to Digg

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Have you ever tried of getting traffic from the social bookmarking site like DIGG???

If you are thinking that how you can drive Digg traffic to your blog then you are at the right place. πŸ˜€

I think it’s totally confirmed to you that In order to get traffic from any source, we need to promote our product or blog post there by which people get interaction and you got traffic from that source. Right??? πŸ˜€

As you already knew that DIGG is the great social bookmarking site around the world. Many bloggers or webmasters try there hard to drive thousands of readers or visitors to there blog. Getting traffic from Digg is not so easy. You need to think effectively and also need to work hard.

Digg allow there users to submit there article or blog posts or stories to them and If that blog post or article really deserves then It would surely drive thousands of traffic back from Digg to that article’s site.

Suppose you or one of your reader submitted one of your blog post or article to and If your article got many DIGGS there then there would be more chances of getting position on the first page of Digg. If once your post got the first page position then you will surely watch the sudden increase in your blog traffic.

Mark my words….

Higher is the number of diggs you article will have, Higher is the chances of getting position on higher or first page of the Digg.


As the position of your article on Digg will increase then the traffic from Digg to your blog will also be increase. πŸ˜€

Digg website contains three main sections…

1. Top Stories – These are the most viewed articles and displays on the top page of the Digg.

2. Popular – These are the most shared articles on the Digg within last 18 hours.

3. Upcoming – These are the newest article which qualified to get higher position on Digg and will come soon to the top page.

These three sections continuously updates in every seconds. So you need to put more efforts to get more out of Digg to your site.


To be very clear, I want to tell you first that what you will learn from this article. This article will provide you

  • How to Perform on Digg to Make Your Profile Identity among the other Digg Users.
  • How to Submit Your Blog to Digg

how to submit your blog to digg

How to Perform on Digg to Make Your Profile Identity among the other Digg Users

1. Digg other interesting articles as much as you can and after this It may be helpful to you also because other Digg users may also be do this with you. Like you give me & I’ll give you. If you will start Digging others interesting articles then other users will also Digg your article.

2. When you are Digging the article which you liked then don’t forget to leave your comment there. This will start your conversation with other Digg users which is the first step to make identity & relationship with other users.

3. You should must always share unique and interesting articles on Digg which can go viral and readers can enjoy it. πŸ˜€

4. Don’t forget to fill your Digg profile completely. If you really wants to create your identity on Digg then you must need to fill your profile completely like you email address, social profiles etc so that other users can contact you when they need.

5. Don’t miss any chances of helping others there. If you will help a very needy person there then you will get a very big Thanks from his or her heart. and It would be enough to make trust and identity among the Digg community. πŸ˜€

How to Submit Your Blog Posts to Digg

1. Go to Submit a link to Digg page.

2. You will see a box there in which you need to put the URL of that article which you wants to submit to Digg as showing in the below screenshot.

submit a link to digg


3. Place the link of your article in the box and Click on blue colored ” Submit ” button.

4. You are Done. πŸ˜€

As you article is submitted to Digg and after clicking on submit button, you will see on the next page saying ” Thanks for submitting the story ” and will provide a link to submit another story on the same page.

Final Words…

So this was the detailed explanation on How to submit your blog to Digg. In this article, I’ve explained to you that what the Digg is in the introduction part of this article. Then I explained you that How you should perform on Digg to make your own identity there and to get trust from other users on Digg. & at last, you’ve learned that how you can submit your story to so that you can drive the immense amount of traffic to your blog. Thanks for reading this article & HAPPY BLOGGING πŸ˜€


Comments (5)

  • Hi Thank, Thanks for the article.

    I have used Submit a link to Digg for several of webpages that i liked to dugg and share with Digg community but despite successful submission I’m unable to search the submitted over in Digg directory or say search it over Google using digg keyword.

  • Hi dear,
    This is tutorial is very helpful for me. I have submit to post to by your guide line so thank you so much for your kind information.

  • Hi, I have the same problem as Ashutosh Singh. I submitted a link from my website but I cant find it on dig or anywhere else. Does it take some time to be released? It says that digg uses editors.

  • One problem though: How do I go about getting the URL of the submitted link? I can’t seem to find where my link has ended up. After submitting, I don’t receive any further links to click and navigate around, simply a “Thanks, submit another link” message.

    • You need to wait a couple of days before moderator adds your site to white list or something (that probably wont happen cause 1 in 10000 subs goes live). So you can subb and pray for some mod to actually check your subb and approve it. that’s it


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