How to Recover Your Blog From Google Panda Update

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Google Panda is the biggest algorithm update Google hit in 2014.  They just ruined many bloggers dreams within few hours.  As you all know Google Panda Hit Spam or low quality websites, but it’s hitting range is awesome. If you are trying to trick Google with any spam method, then, there are 99% of chances, Google’s animals will catch you and take you to the graveyard for your funeral. Oh, Just Kidding Man! They will Just Penalize your Website and your traffic will drop due to drop in rankings.

If you are thinking one or two low quality pages not gonna hurt you, then, you are wrong baby, because Panda gives Side wide penalties, which means only one bad post can cause your full site to go down in rankings. If you want to Avoid this kind of condition, then, you must read My previous post All about Google Penalties. It’s gonna help you a lot knowing everything about penalties offered by Google.

Now, coming back to the point, Panda Algorithm can really cause serious dangers for any website, especially newbies who don’t have enough knowledge to provide high quality content. So, what they gonna do? They can prepare their site to avoid panda penalty. I have previously written Google panda survival Guide on this Blog. You can learn a lot reading that article of mine.

But if your blog has already been Hit by Penalty, credit goes to Panda, then You need serious efforts to take yourself out of the hole. A few months ago I have written Recover from Panda penalty Guide on another blog and it helped a lot of people recovering from Panda Effects.

How to Recover Your Blog From Google Panda Update


So, that’s why today, I am explaining how to recover from Google panda update, the dangerous Animal Update penalty. But before starting recovering guide, I would like to point out some of the factors that are dangerous.

Factors Cause Google Panda Penalty

  1. Duplicate or too much Short content (below 150 words)
  2. Content Farm
  3. Content with high number of grammatical and Spelling errors
  4. Site Speed to Slow
  5. Advertisement Percentage Higher than Content
  6. Hidden content
  7. Linking to Low quality sites or pages
  8. Too many broken links

So, these are some factors of penalties. Now, we move on to “Recover from Panda Penalty Guide” Without wasting Too much time.  But before starting, I wanna let you know, to Use Fruition Penalty checker or Barracuda penguin tool to see any fluctuation in traffic after this Animal Rolled out.

Tips to Recover From Google Panda Update

Below I am gonna provide you Step by Step Guide (Tips). So, Read read each section carefully.

#1 Find and Remove Low quality Pages

If you got Penalty from Panda, then you must have some low quality pages on your Blog. Now, your job is to find them and delete or edit. I will advise you to go through each Page and Post and updating if it needs some more content. If you have a lot posts on your blog, then you can consider using Webmaster Tool or Analytic tool to find out which Page or post getting Low traffic and which URL got down the rankings after Panda update. You will find a red color arrow in your Webmasters tool as shown below in the screenshot.


Look at the screen, Arrows showing a drop in the rankings. It will give a fair idea which pages or posts are lacking some quality. But remember, if you got a penalty, then, there are chances that your good posts will also fall down. So, I will recommend you to check all posts manually because it will also give you a chance to fully optimize your site.

#2 De-index Unnecessary Pages

There may be many unnecessary pages on your blog, especially when newbies start with WordPress, there are many sample pages which they forget to remove and then, it harms sites ranking. So, De-index those pages from a search using “Remove URL from search” option in Google Webmasters tool.

#3 Check your Posts for High Keyword density

There are chances that your posts contain repeated keywords to rank higher in the rankings. So, you need to check each post and reduce keyword density. This problem is very common among problems. So, I will recommend using “EasyWPseo” Plugin that help webmasters and bloggers to properly optimize blog posts. Some people in the field think that “Yoast WordPress SEO” Plugin can do the job, and yes, it is one of the best, but EasyWPseo Plugin can give you some extra features. One of them is”LSI keywords“. It suggests top LSI keywords which you can use in your post to avoid keyword density. Also, it helps you properly optimize your posts by using Formatting tags for main keywords or phrases. So, I will always recommend “EasyWPseo” Plugin.

#4 Improve Social Media presence

Social media are considered as the new SEO of a modern Internet Era. So, improve your social media presence. It will help you rank higher in the rankings and keep Google animals away. A proper use of Social media can help a medium quality page rank a lot higher than a high quality page because Google will think it provides better knowledge as it has many shares, tweets, and likes. So, focus on Social networking and Bookmarking sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Pinterest, etc.) more from now onwards.

#5 Optimize site with On-Page SEO

Your On-page SEO needs to be good to be able to perform well in search engine. So, learn all techniques of Optimizing your site, especially Optimizing your site for Google panda. Some of the keywords factors in Optimizing your site is, Proper Keyword Research, High quality backlinks, Proper Internal Linking, Low Loading Time, etc.. You just need to focus on these factors and everything will be fine in a short period of time.

#6 Remove broken links or low quality external links

Always check your site for broken links, it can certainly hurt your site and also don’t eve link to a low quality site having short or duplicate content. But if you are linking to sites providing high quality content with in-depth knowledge, then it will help you rank higher because Google always wants you to provide quality content and in doing so, it’s necessary to provide source of astonishing content.

 Final verdict

So, this was the complete tutorial on How to recover from Google panda update. Just follow these steps carefully and you will automatically see results. But remember recovery will take some time, it’s not an overnight job. So, you have to wait to see your traffic at normal level. Also for some bonus tips, I will recommend you to remove Date from the search results and from your posts, it will help you get High CTR. As you know CTR plays an important role in calculating the quality of the website. So, this tip will help you increase CTR which means Google will trust your website more.

So, that’s it with recovery Guide. If you any question, Feel free to ask via comments.

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