How to Find / Check 404 Error Pages Using Google Webmaster Tool

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how to find 404 errors in google webmaster tools

If I encounter on a page again saying ” NOT FOUND ” Then Your blog wouldn’t be found again on the internet from my side.

Have you ever think like this about your blog before???

No, because you haven’t faced, How much pain a person can feel when he or she lands on a page which says that

” The page you are looking for no longer exists. Perhaps you can return to the site’s homepage. “.

Suppose If you are searching for an information and suddenly you founds a search result in Google search which seems that can be the solution of your problem or your query and you clicked on that link instantly and very interestingly but what? If that blog post is not available there, Even that page is showing a ” PAGE NOT FOUND ERROR “.

It only will give pain and sadness to you and you may think at that time,

I’ll never open this crack website again in my life at any cost.

Same can be happen with your readers and As a result you may loss your new and regular readers slowly slowly and one day may come when there wouldn’t be a single reader who can read your articles or blog posts.

So are you still not serious about your blog, about your blog’s readership, about your readers???

If you have started thinking seriously after reading my words then I am suggesting you to work hard in order to remove all these 404 error pages from your website so that your readers cannot hate your website or blog. πŸ˜€

Now you may be thinking that how you can find these broken links pages or 404 error pages in your website then don’t worry my dear friend, In this article, I’ll cover some most important tutorials which can help you in improving your blog’s seo and your readers wouldn’t be land again on these types of pages.

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What I am going to share in this article???

  • Effect of broken links ( 404 not found broken pages ) on seo of your blog.
  • How to find 404 errors in Google webmaster tools
  • How to remove 404 error pages from Google webmaster tools

So keep your seat belts tight and try to concentrate on this article. πŸ˜€

Effect of 404 not Found Broken Pages on SEO

1. Google will start hating your blog because Google hate to those websites which do not provide friendly & valuable experience to their users. If there are many broken or 404 pages on your website then Google doesn’t want that Google’s user read your article. Google will stop sending traffic to your blog.

2. Google will start removing your blog from their search index because Google give higher priority to their users and provides helpful articles at higher position in their search result. Broken pages are considered as low quality content and due to this, Google will remove your blog.

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3. When search engine crawlers will come to your blog and If they land to your broken page then as a result, they may not come again to crawl your blog and your blog will stop appearing in the search results. This will impact highly on your search rankings.

How to Find 404 Errors in Google Webmaster Tools

1. Login to your Google webmaster tools account using your Gmail ID.

2. Choose your site from the webmaster’s dashboard.

3. Go to Crawl >> Crawl Errors and then you will see the list of all the 404 error pages of your website.

broken pages

These are 404 errors or broken links founded by Google crawlers while crawling the web.

How to Remove 404 Error Pages From Google Webmaster Tools

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New.

2. Search for the plugin named ” All 404 redirect to homepage “. After getting the search results, simply Install and Activate the plugin.

3. Now after activating this plugin, your work is almost finished. Go to Settings >> All 404 Redirect to Homepage and choose ” Enabled ” from the drop down of 404 redirection status and then enter the URL of your blog’s homepage in the box saying ” Redirect all 404 pages to “.

remove 404 pages

4. Press Update Options button & You are Done. πŸ˜€

This plugin will automatically redirect all the 404 broken error pages to your websites homepage at once. You don’t need to redirect all the broken URL’s one by one. It will redirect all at once.

Now after doing all this, when Google crawlers will start crawling the web again then the 404 errors which you found in Google webmaster tools will be remove automatically.

Final Words…

This was the complete tutorial on How to find 404 errors in Google webmaster tools. In this article, I have explained you the effects of 404 errors on seo then How to find 404 errors in Google webmaster tools and at last I explained that how you can remove these broken links from Google webmaster tools by redirecting them all to your blog’s homepage by just using a simple plugin. Now after doing all this, Your readers would never be think that ” I’ll not open this crack website again in my life at any cost. ” Right?? πŸ˜€ because you already have the solution of this problem. Friends If you are still facing problems with these 404 error URL’s then must leave a comment below to ask. I’ll respond to your comment soon and don’t forget to subscribe to this website to get the updates regularly. Thanks for reading and HAPPY BLOGGING πŸ˜€


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